How to wear The Dress

The Dress is your new BFF - it is stylish, dependable, and will be there through thick and thin.

We designed the dress to solve for 2 overwhelming problems we heard from hundreds of new mamas: 1. Functional for nursing & pumping, and 2. It needed to be more Flattering on a new mama’s body that what was currently on the market (no more shelf bras with plastic nursing clips, please! the 'sausage boob' doesn't look good on anyone!)

nursing dress, black chic breastfeeding dress that tie, faux wrap dress with magnets to hold up the top

When you put on the Dress, wrap the belt around your waist once or twice to tighten the top - it’s designed for a flattering V - but will keep you covered-up and cinched-in.

v-neck black nursing dress, wrap dress for breastfeeding twins and pumping

As your boobs change size the luxurious french jersey will expand or shrink to keep you comfortable and covered-up.

***You don’t need to line the magnets up when you tie the top shut - they will lay flat hidden under the belt - so wrap the belt as tight as makes you look good!***

breastfeeding dress, black nursing wrap dress,

When you’re breastfeeding, untie the belt, and line up the magnets.

baby safe magnets for holding up the top of the nursing dress

We added baby-safe magnets to the waist of the dress to keep the top in place while you’re breastfeeding from one side.

black nursing dress, black wrap dress in jersey, sustainable nursing fashion

You can use the top of the dress to cover up you baby’s head if you’re looking to be a little more discreet.

If you’re breastfeeding twins, or dual-pumping, then open both sides of the dress - you’re dress will stay up, your tummy will stay covered, and you’ll look totally dressed from the back (convenient for pumping in shared work spaces).

Now, how to style The Dress...well, thats up to you mamas! We'd love to see how you LBD! #thedress

 **Sausage boob, as coined by our British mamas: that smooshed tube-shape that happens when you wear a saggy jersey nursing tank top or sports bra