leSolstice dresses and tops are made with the best materials available for breath-ability and comfort, with the goal of flattering every woman's curves.

We created the sizes for a post-partum body, but with pre-baby body size in mind. So if you think you were a Medium pre-baby, you should be a Medium in leSolstice. Our nursing and pumping dresses and tops are designed to be figure-flattering, but not clingy or tight. 

The Dress is designed for breastfeeding or pumping in public or at work, so we've taken care in creating a size that will stay with you over the months that your body is transitioning. This means that the Dress will be flattering and continue to fit you as your body changes shape over the year after you've given birth. 

The Dress sizes 

S: pre-baby range: 2-4-6

M: pre-baby range: 6-8-10

L: pre-baby range: 10-12-14

We've included overlap in the sizes because the Dress is made to make you feel confident and fabulous in your amazing new mom-bod. So if you're on a cusp size (6, 10) and you feel like your new superhero boobs (and life-giving hips!) give you a much curvier shape than pre-baby, go up a size. 

If you order the Dress and the size isn't right for you, you can send it back for a different size! We want every mama to look amazing and feel like the wonderwoman she is :-)